toolmaking and
precision machining

We are
The Toolroom Ltd (TTR).

Established in 2021, TTR is a  toolmaking and precision machining facility based in the North East of England serving most industrial sectors. 

The company was formed on the back of the successful Solutions-Injection Moulding Ltd (Est 2003) to manufacture small injection mould tools as well as serving small and large well know companies in all their metal removal and precision requirements

TTR values working efficiently, ethically and producing as little waste as possible.

The Toolroom Ltd (TTR) has full CNC Mill / CNC Turning, Spark Erosion, Wire Erosion and Grinding capability alongside a comprehensive CAD CAM system.

Our Key Services

  • The manufacture of new injection mould tooling and associated mouldings:

    – Prototype requirements
    – Bridge to production
    – Low volume production
    – High volume mass production


  • Repair and modification of existing mould tooling up to 1.5 Tonnes
  • Design and manufacture of jigs/fixtures
  • Design and manufacture of new and existing press and form tooling
  • Component design and manufacture in most metals and quantities

Benefits of using
The Toolroom Ltd (TTR)

Our clients choose us for many reasons. From small to large well known companies they choose TTR because of our dedication to improving:

Cost by working with best modern technologies and machines we can deliver fantastic processing times

Quality Working towards our ISO9001 accreditation and being led by our procedure driven attitude

Time  with our own fully comprehensive and stocked toolroom we can compress time to an absolute minimum.  Our turnaround times can be a matter of hours

We pride ourselves for being able to work independently, our customers trust us to progress orders with limited involvement.


‘We do what we say we will do’


The Toolroom Ltd are based in the NE of England and is committed to the modification, repair and refurbishment of injection mould tools up to 1.5 tonnes and all aspects of precision machining.


Comprehensive CAD CAM facilities enable The Toolroom Ltd to undertake extensive and complex design changes to customers’ mould tools and the fine tuning of imported moulds.


The Toolroom Ltd offers an instant response to tool breakdowns.  Due to the unique flexibility, the company has a reputation for quickly undertaking major repairs and refurbishment.

Customer Testimonials

“We are not used to getting things back so quickly”
B Group

“Marvelous response in every way, really pleased with your set up”
ND Group

“The Toolroom really are quick”
J International

Fully automated.
Fast turnaround.
Reduced costs.

Our modern factory The Toolroom Ltd

  • A fully functional toolroom combing a multitude of modern technologies and metal removing machinery
  • Full design suite, CNC Mill / CNC Turning, EDM / Wire EDM and full Grinding capability
  • Lifting capacity 2 Tonnes

Contact The Toolroom Ltd

Jeff Storey
T: 01429 273 222
M: 07854 823 029
E: jeff@thetoolroomltd.co.uk

Address: The Toolroom Ltd, Unit 3 Hunter House Industrial Estate, Tofts Road EAST, Hartlepool, TS25 2BE

Office hours: Monday to Friday 8am to 4.30pm